BikeRight! have been working with Warrington Borough Council for a decade, delivering the areas Bikeability programme and more recently providing adult cycle training sessions for all abilities of riders.

Our activities in the area are managed by our Manchester office team and delivered by a squad of Warrington instructors working locally with primary, junior and secondary schools and from a training base in Orford park.

To hear more about our Bikeability courses and to book one for your school, please contact us.

FREE Adult Cycle Training

Live, work or study in Warrington? 16 or over?

Get tailored training at a level suited to your needs, all based on the National Cycle Training Standards and split in to easy to understand modules, choose from:

Basic for beginners - cycling off the road to build skills in local parks or on cycle tracks

Urban - boost your confidence riding on quiet local roads, back streets and B roads, taking you to the next level!

Advanced - A roads, complex junctions and busy roads require more advanced skills and knowledge, our advanced courses focus on key routes and commutes 

For more details and to book a place click here

Family cycle skills sessions

Gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family with a family cycling session. 

Whether you and your family are relative novices to cycling or you all ride already but would like advice on specific routes (to school or friends, for example), your instructor will tailor the session to meet your needs.

Find out more and make a booking here

Child cycle training

We also offer one-to-one Cycle Skills lessons for children in Warrington, at a cost of £60. These also last for two hours, and you can find out more and book here.