Free cycling skills tuition for adults in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Get fit, stay safe and give your confidence a boost with our free cycling courses worth over £150 per person.

If you don’t cycle and want to learn the right skills, are returning to cycling or want to enhance your riding then this FREE training could be just up your street. We offer:

  • Courses for absolute beginners through to experienced riders
  • Free bikes and helmets during the training
  • Up to 3 free sessions per person
  • A friendly informal approach

During your cycle training you will:

  • Learn skills to cycle safely
  • Learn about road positioning and how to be seen by traffic
  • Get tips for cycling at night-time or in bad weather
  • Learn all about cycle safety, clothing and other equipment
  • Gain knowledge from cycling professionals

Training is delivered by fully accredited instructors, courses are available during daytime, evening and weekends

Cycle City Tours

The tours are a leisurely cycle ride through the city centre showing how to use the city cycling infrastructure and routes.  Cycling skills are in-built to the rides;learn how to fit a helmet, adjust your bike to fit you, perform an M -Check and understand basic road skills. 

And you get cake and coffee!

Tours take place Wednesday evenings  5-7pm. Use the course selector to book your place. Bikes and helmets provided if required.

Training venue

VenueVenue addressCourses available

BikeRight! Training Centre, Newcastle

The Cycle Hub, Quayside, Newcastle NE6 1BU

The Journey
Higham House, NE1 8AN
City Tour

"Learning to ride a bike at 62 and not made to feel stupid. Great."

"As someone who is just returning to cycling I feel a great deal safer and more confident on the roads as a result."

"Very empowering and very enjoyable."

"After over 30 years riding I thought I knew how to ride. How wrong I was. Thanks for making my riding much safer."

Cycle tuition overview - what course is best for you...

Learn to Ride

Do you consider yourself to be a complete beginner?

You may be among the many that never learnt to ride as a child or you may have recently uncovered a new desire to learn. Our sessions are run by experienced instructors who will guide you step by step, from getting on and off your bike to making the bike go where you want, while continuously working on your balance.

Level 1 for Novices

Have you recently learnt how to ride a bike or are you returning to cycling after a long break?

A Level 1 course is for those who can ride a bike but are not very confident about their cycling abilities. Level 1 course is delivered in a safe traffic free environment. Pick up the skills and knowledge you need to go down to the local park, or to take a trip out into the countryside. You may also one day wish to cycle to work; we can help you work towards this too.

Level 2 for Improvers

Do today's road look like a no go area for you and your two wheels?

Whether you've been cycling for a while or returning to cycling, today’s roads may seem daunting. Level 2 will help you boost your confidence, skills and cycling techniques for today’s traffic. This training is delivered on quiet roads with some traffic, where you will have the opportunity to practice the theory of on road cycling.

Level 3 for Advanced riders

Would you like to try that commute to work, is there a certain road or roundabout you still find daunting?

Level 3 is delivered as a 1-1, our instructor can come to you and ride your route with you, where they can show you how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. You may have been cycling and using the roads for years but there is always something new to learn to hone your skills.

If you want to request a one-to-one Advanced courses on a route specific to you then click here and fill in our course request form


To be eligible for FREE training sessions you need to live, work or study in the Newcastle and be aged over 16

Newcastle Upon Tyne office

The Cycle Hub

Tel 0191 276 7263