Train the trainer - cycle instructor training course

Trainers undertake a two day course which teaches them to teach the National Standard outcomes for a cyclist riding on the road. The course covers the theory and practice of teaching these outcomes to other emergency services cyclists. Our courses have planned objectives and health and safety is a constant thread running through the learning outcomes.

On completion of the cycle instructor training course trainers are qualified to cascade this training to other officers within their command, allowing all officers to cycle in accordance with the National Standards for pedal cycles.

Trainees undergo an assessment of ‘real training’ within 3 months of the initial 2 day course. Also included is a pedal cycle assessors’ manual that uses specific forms such as activity logs which may also be adapted to force specific versions.

Course outline

  • Bike check
  • Equipment and clothing choices
  • Health and Safety and risk assessments
  • Practical Riding Level 1, 2 and 3 (see opposite)
  • Visibility
  • Vulnerability
  • Defensive riding
  • Correct road position
  • Effect of weather conditions
  • Effect of road surface changes
  • Legal requirements
  • Hazard perception

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

We also run refresher Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses at regular intervals, making sure that training providers are up to speed with all the latest developments and legislation affecting cycle training.

Off-road cycling courses

Our cycle training courses can also be tailored to include off-road riding for forces in rural areas whose officers may be patrolling terrain such as parkland, river banks, wooded and mountainous areas.

Our team of experienced mountain bike leaders, qualified to the highest standards of the MBLA (Mountain Bike Leader Awards), are able to take groups into remote areas to experience a selection of advanced riding techniques and skills training.

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