Train the cyclist - cyclist training course

Our accredited instructors deliver training directly to pedal cycle officers. PCSOs, Fire volunteers and Paramedics. This service allows forces to concentrate on core activities and out-source the training solely to BikeRight!

We can also offer a combination of both courses, where we initially train officers directly and then provide assessor training for those who wish to deliver the learning in-house.

Course outline

  • Carry out a bike check
  • Start and finish an on-road journey
  • Understand and use primary and secondary positions
  • Signalling
  • U turns
  • Pass side roads and parked or slower moving vehicles
  • Turn left and right into a minor road
  • Turn left and right into a major road
  • Using gears
  • Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects
  • Mini roundabouts and crossroads
  • Be aware of and be able to communicate with all other road users
  • Decide where cycle lanes can help a journey and demonstrate correct use
  • How to use roundabouts
  • How to use junctions controlled by traffic lights
  • How to use multi-lane roads
  • An understanding of filtering and an ability to decide when to filter and when to wait
  • How to use both on and off-road cycle facilities
  • Hazard perception and strategy to deal with hazards
  • Understanding of route planning
  • Understanding of the highway code, in particular how to interpret road signs
  • Understanding of safety equipment and clothing

Off-road cycling courses

Our cycle training courses can also be tailored to include off-road riding for forces in rural areas whose officers may be patrolling terrain such as parkland, river banks, wooded and mountainous areas.

Our team of experienced mountain bike leaders, qualified to the highest standards of the MBLA (Mountain Bike Leader Awards), are able to take groups into remote areas to experience a selection of advanced riding techniques and skills training.

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