Cycling makes for good business...

Will this be the year that you support a more active commute to work?

Investing in cycling shows an investment in your employee’s welfare. With just a small amount of support for cycling, your organisation will:

  • Reduce local congestion and increase punctuality of staff
  • Support a reduction in company carbon emissions
  • Support improvements in employees Health, Wealth and Wellbeing
  • Reduce your parking overheads
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Create a cohesive workplace

Whether the aim is to increase cycling for commuting to work or as a form of transport for work related journeys during the day, BikeRight! can enable employers to implement the values and benefits of cycling, offer encouragement and actively promote cycling among workforces through:

  • Corporate Roadshows
  • Travel Plan action plans for cycling
  • SWOT analysis and popensity to cycle
  • Cycling infrastructure recommendations/guidance
  • Bicycle Fleet Management and procurement
  • Staff engagement
  • Travel behaviour change 

...for employers

By working in partnership with organisations and Cycle to Work scheme facilitators, we add value by providing all or some of the following services:


The BikeRight! consultation programme offers a ‘one stop shop’ approach to cycling, from developing safe routes between offices, depots and other facilities to marketing support and help to maximise uptake of cycle schemes. We can also advise in travel plans and infrastructure development.

National Standards accredited cycle training

BikeRight!s professional instructors will assess the current competence of individuals on a one-to-one or group basis and then provide suitable training plans to give them the skills and confidence to carry out commuter journeys. See our cycle training page for more information.

Road shows

Half day or full day cycling road show at your workplace featuring a selection of events, challenges, bikes and friendly advice. Click here for more details.

Dr Bike and cycle maintenance training

Our on-site commuter maintenance courses typically last for half a day and cover the basic skills required to handle most road-side repairs. We also run weekend maintenance courses in Manchester – click here for more.

Pool bikes

Organisations can purchase a fleet of suitable bikes and equipment through us at significant discounts. We then provide training, regular maintenance and can also offer finance for larger orders.

...for individuals 

Cycling to work is invigorating. It clears your mind and prepares you physically and mentally for the day ahead. Twenty minutes on the bike is the perfect ‘reset’ for removing stress whilst improving fitness. 

BikeRight! have a number of services designed with adult cyclists in mind, specifically aimed at commuters who want support, impartial advice and cycle skills training:

Adult Cycle Training

Our adult cycle training is based upon the National Cycle Training Standards and is delivered by qualified, experienced instructors. See here for details

Bicycle Maintenance courses

We run regular weekend bike maintenance courses in Manchester and Liverpool which cover basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Check here for dates, prices and booking

Travel planning

BikeRight! have been supporting the integration of workplace travel plans for a number of years, working alongside some of the worlds largest multi disciplinary travel consultants and creating specific cycling action plans for large organisations and SME’s. 

Our offer is simple; create a pro-cycling environment by understanding the needs and requirements of the people within that environment, whilst inspiring change amongst key decision makers. 

Cycle site audits

Creating an intuitive environment for cycling that is desirable to use should start with an appraisal of what is currently in place for cyclists. 

Our experience tells us that poor provision will often lead to poor cycling levels. Using SWOT analysis, BikeRight! will offer a  ‘critical friend’ approach to giving you ideas and support initiatives that will integrate cycling within your setting. 

Driver Training

Train the Trainer courses and Practical Cycling experience

Create the ultimate cycle friendly organisation by promoting cycling awareness amongst any staff who need to drive as part of their job role. We have a range of awareness courses that have been designed to provide drivers with an understanding of how cyclists use the road. 

More details of Driver Training packages can be found here

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