Supporting public and private investment in cycling

Cycle training for engineers and transport planners

BikeRight! is passionate about offering all designers of the UK’s Primary Route Network a bespoke cycling experience to demonstrate how the National Standard for cycling teaches cyclists to use the road. These principles can then be applied to the future design (or re-design) of our roads. 

This on-bike practical cycling activity highlights the common issues faced by cyclists thus helping engineers and transport planners to consider the requirements of cyclists whilst creating road space that will benefit all road users.

Behaviour change

We understand what it takes to make a shift towards cycling based on many years working with schools, workplaces, higher education establishments and the local community. Every individual barrier usually has a simple remedy: knowledge. All our interventions equip the individual with some form of knowledge, so that it can be applied in future instances. 

For example: our Dr Bike service fixes your bike, we’ll always tell you what we did, how we did it, and why we did it. This opens the door to explore further maintenance courses at BikeRight! 

BikeRight! believes in the ‘strength in numbers’ approach to changing perceptions of cycling, by bringing people together who are passionate about cycling. This small network can form a bicycle users group (BUGs) a fantastic working group for making change within an organisation. BikeRight! will support:

  • Marketing and promoting Bicycle User Groups (BUGs)
  • Forming the agenda
  • Chairing the initial BUG meetings to offer direction and keep on track
  • Identifying cycle champions to maintain an active BUG

Consultation on cycle infrastructure schemes

Good cycling infrastructure benefits the cyclist without impractical detours. Good cycling infrastructure relies on good design, putting the cyclist first as the most vulnerable road user. We recognise the challenges involved with redesigning our road space and work with transport planners, engineers and local authorities to look at how the National Standard for cycling should be considered when designing the road layout.  

Seeking funding and supporting applications

Have you recently received funding for an active travel project and need an action plan put together for delivering the project outcomes?  Maybe you are planning to apply for funding? 

With years of experience writing tenders, and submitting funding applications, BikeRight! can assist you in your grant applications and guide you through the potential thought processes that might need to be considered to get the best from your project. 

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