Cycling at the Speed of Light

December 11th saw the first ever Speed of Light night time bike ride through Liverpool.

Organised by the Choose Freedom team in Liverpool, based at BikeRight!s office in Kirkdale, the ride consisted of dozens of cyclists festooned with state-of-the-art LED lights and hi-viz reindeer antlers!


The 3-mile route took in some fantastic locations such as Liverpool Town Hall and Exchange Flags on the edge of the city’s commercial district. As well as drawing attention to the Choose Freedom project the event also highlighted the importance of visibility when cycling in the winter months. 

Be seen, be safe is crucial advice, and if adhered to there’s no reason why people can’t continue to cycle to work safely throughout the year. Choose Freedom is aiming to expand the travel horizons of the residents of North Liverpool, hoping to educate them that sustainable travel such as walking and cycling can open up new employment opportunities and improve health and fitness. BikeRight! is running the project, which is funded by the Department for Transport through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, in partnership with Liverpool City Council and TravelWise. 

 Jo Somerset, Director at BikeRight!, commented:, “This is a great way of demonstrating that cyclists can ride at anytime of the year and anytime of the day or night as long as they are visible to other road users.”  We’re not saying that they need to be lit up like Christmas Trees, but simply make sure they have good quality front and rear lights and not to wear dark clothing.”

Brad Quarless from Choose Freedom added:, “Some of our clients work shifts, meaning that during the winter they will be commuting early in the morning or late at night. If, as we hope, they choose to cycle then staying safe is a major issue, that’s what led us to the idea of Speed of Light.”

For more information on BikeRight! and Choose Freedom contact Jo Somerset, 0151 482 5706 or email