BikeRight! opens in West Midlands

This week saw the official opening of BikeRight!s new office and workshop in Birmingham City Centre.

Left to right – Councillor Victoria Quinn, Transport Connectivity and Sustainability Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair, Conrad Jones, Centro’s head of sustainability and Liz Clarke, Managing Director, BikeRight!

Transport consultancy Aecom partnered with BikeRight! to win several contracts earlier this year to deliver Local Sustainable Transport Fund cycling initiatives on behalf of Centro’s Smart Network, Smarter Choices campaign.

BikeRight!s focus is on adults, encouraging and enabling more people to commute or make utility journeys by bicycle. This is to be achieved through a package of engagement activities with businesses, education establishments and communities, such as:

  • Identifying top cycling locations in business and education
  • Encouraging commuter cycling along key transport corridors
  • Teaching new cyclists to ride competently and confidently in the city
  • Encouraging commuters to adopt cycling to work
  • Providing cycle maintenance skills to individuals and groups
  • Advising on routes and good practice for long-term bike usage

Liz Clarke, MD at BikeRight! said: “It’s a very exciting time for cycling across the UK, and particularly in the West Midlands with the high level of investment from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the recent announcement of Birmingham’s successful Cycling Ambition bid. It’s great for BikeRight! to be an integral part of this. We now employ 11 permanent staff and 22 freelance instructors in the area.”

Conrad Jones, Centro's head of sustainability, added:"Delivering cycle training is an important factor in making sure people across the West Midlands are confident about travelling out and about on two wheels. Our region loses billions of pounds each year as a result of traffic congestion and many of these journeys are short trips which could be taken by bicycle.

"What we want to do is make sure that people have the tools they need to make cycling a real travel choice which can speed up their journeys, improve their health and provide a welcome boost to the economy.

"When we launched our Smart Network, Smarter Choices project we wanted to put some emphasis on increasing the number of cycle trips in our region and BikeRight! providing cycle training for all abilities is making this a reality."