Bicycle goes digital

Celebrated documentary film “Bicycle” partners with world-renowned Global media platform Vimeo to launch digital version on December 1st.

“Bicycle” has become a much celebrated documentary film this autumn. Since its World Premiere at the Tour de France this year it has travelled the UK and overseas often to sell out cinema screenings. Now at last it is available as a digital download and stream so there is no reason not to own this fantastic film. Go here to watch the film in all its 86 minute glory and see what everyone has been talking about.

To celebrate the launch we are offering on a first come first served basis 250 promotional codes to buy the film for just $9.99 US dollars (approx £6.40 GBP) saving $3. When prompted enter the code BicycleChristmas1

"Watching the wonderful Bicycle film was a great lesson in the history  of the sport that has become my life and passion. I hope it can inspire more people to give cycling a go." Tracy Moseley, World Enduro MTB Champion 2013 and 2014.

"Lyrical, affectionate, beautiful. A hymn of praise to a humble  wonder; the bicycle" Ned Boulting, Broadcaster and Writer.

"BikeRight! is proud to be Associate Producer of Bicycle" Liz Clarke, MD.