Cycle instructor training from the UK's leading provider

From toddlers to OAPs, nearly everyone loves to cycle; however most people can give reasons why they don’t do it more regularly.

This is where National Standard accredited cycling instructors can make a difference. From teaching groups of school children to enhancing cycling skills among existing adult cyclists the role of a qualified cycle instructor is key to developing cycling locally and supporting national strategy on active lifestyles.

BikeRight! has been training cyclists for 10 years and was the first accredited cycle instructor training centre in the UK. We have trained over 2500 people as National Standard cycle instructors, who are now themselves delivering quality cycle training and enjoying the benefits that this brings.

The pathway to becoming a cycling instructor

  1. Attend 4 day National Standard instructor course.
  2. Gain a Provisional pass – you will get this if you pass the above course.
  3. Begin teaching – you can teach on your ‘provisional pass’ for a maximum of 6 months.
  4. Get experience - you can do this by teaching the National Standard to children, friends or family
  5. Arrange Post Course Assessment - As your ‘provisional pass’ is coming to its end you should apply to BikeRight! for a Post Course Assessment by filling in the application form
  6. Be Post Course Assessed – Arrangements will be made and the assessment will take place.    
  7. Gain Full accreditation - At the end of the session we will inform you whether you have achieved Full accreditation
  8. Certification – Upon full accreditation you will receive a letter of confirmation and a certificate from BikeRight!

After this then annual Continuing Professional Development is required to keep up to date with developments in cycle training delivery, management and control.

Why choose BikeRight!

As a responsible individual or organisation you should make sure that any training provider has the knowledge, back-up and proven track record to deliver courses in a safe, professional and progressive way. BikeRight! have trained more cycling instructors in the UK than any other organisation, and we have the knowhow, the experience and an unquestionable reputation for quality that few can match.

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