2WheelsAware - SUD Lite

This course is aimed at people who drive as part of their work, such as bus drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, drivers of smaller lorries, mini-buses, and emergency services vehicles.

This 2WheelsAware course is designed to equip drivers with the skills to deal with today’s roads and make them better able to safely share those spaces with vulnerable road users.

Aim of the course

2WheelsAware is designed to make driving safer. This cycle awareness course focuses on how, where and why cyclists ride on the roads, giving a better understanding of cyclists and what to look out for when driving.  By the end of the course drivers will have a better understanding of the movement of cyclists and be able to minimise the risks when sharing the roads.

Drivers will receive an on-road cycle taster session. This will help drivers to empathise with and have a better understanding of vulnerable road users in a real life traffic situation whilst under the supervision of a professional cycle instructor.

Topics covered in the course include:

Theory module

  • Why cycle?
  • Drivers’ experiences.
  • Sharing the road; on road scenarios covering common hazards for cyclists and how to avoid them, parked cars, visibility at junctions, roundabouts and complex road situation (including cycle facilities such as cycle lanes).
  • Collision avoidance and defensive driving/riding
  • Understanding other road users 
Practical module

  • Introduction to active travel including some elements of the National Cycle Training Standards (depending on drivers’ ability and experience)
  • Explore issues faced by vulnerable road users
  • On-road cycling session with trained instructors

Funded places


We are currently taking bookings for the Safe Urban Driving courses and 2WheelsAware funded by Merseyside Road Safety Partnership - terms apply.


We have a limited number of funded SUD courses for drivers and organisations in Herefordshire. Call us on our Birmingham number now to find out more.

As of 14th August our current courses are fully booked. We will be arranging an extra course to take place in October. If you would like to reserve a place on this course pending confirmation of date, please contact Kirsti at info@bikeright.co.uk

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