Private tuition sessions start from £50 per person

Bikeability private tuition

We run a programme of private cycling sessions to promote cycling and encourage cycling for commuting, health and leisure.  Courses can be booked in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Warrington and are available for both children and adults.

What course is best for you

You consider yourself to be a complete beginner who cannot currently ride a bike
Learn to Ride (L2R)We run sessions for those who are yet unable to ride a bike. You may be among the many that never learnt as a child or you may have recently uncovered a new desire to learn. Our sessions are run by experienced instructors who will guide you step by step, from getting on and off your bike to making the bike go where you want, while continuously working on your balance.
You have recently learnt how to ride a bike or are returning to cycling after a long break
Level 1A Level 1 course is for those who can ride a bike but are not very confident about their cycling abilities. A Level 1 course is delivered in a safe traffic free environment. Pick up the skills and knowledge you need to go down to the local park, or to take a trip out into the countryside with your friends and family. You may also one day wish to cycle to work; we can help you work towards this too.
You want to ride on back streets and B roads
Level 2Whether you've been cycling for a while or returning to cycling, today’s roads may seem daunting. Level 2 will help you boost your confidence, skills and cycling techniques for today’s traffic. This training is delivered on quiet roads with some traffic, where you will have the opportunity to practise the theory of on road cycling.
Advanced Rider
You want to ride on busy A roads and commute during rush hour
Level 3Level 3 is delivered on a 1-1 basis. Our instructor can come to you and ride your route with you, where they can show you how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. You may have been cycling and using the roads for years but there is always something new to learn to hone your skills.

Bikeability private tuition for Children

If your child can't ride and you want them to learn, we can help - we run 1-to-1 learn to ride sessions for children.

Get your child prepared for Bikeability classes in school or improve their cycling control skills and get on road training outside of school classes.

Whatever their ability and your desire, we have courses designed to get your children on their bike and enjoying all the benefits that brings - improved health, more energy, more fun, leisure activities for the whole family and increased independence for your child.

Adult Cycle Training 

If you can't ride and want to learn - we can help - we run 1-to-1 learn to ride sessions for teenagers and adults.

So you may be a beginner (despite the saying, not everyone can ride a bike), You could be someone returning to cycling after a few year's break, a leisure cyclist wanting to improve technique or a commuter who is nervous about busy roads and complex junctions. 

Either way we have adult cycle training courses designed to get you on your bike and enjoying all the benefits that brings - improved health, more energy, more fun and savings to your travel costs.

Training overview

Our courses are based upon the National Standards for cycle training which are split in to 3 easy to understand levels each with clear aims and outcomes.

Cycle training Level 1 for Novices and Beginners

  • Learn how to ride
  • Getting on and off
  • Starting off and stopping
  • Staying upright without wobbling
  • Pedalling
  • Steering and maintaining forward progress
  • Cycling one handed/signalling
  • Looking behind
  • Use of gears

Cycle training Level 2 for Improvers

  • Theory of on road cycling
  • Getting on and off the bicycle and starting off
  • Stopping
  • Use of gears
  • Cycling one handed/signalling
  • Looking behind
  • Turning right, left and overtaking parked vehicles on a variety of quiet roads
  • Using cycling facilities

Cycle training Level 3 for Advanced Riders

  • On road theory as level 2 with additional theory as required to support the more advanced road work being undertaken
  • The cycle as a vehicle
  • Positioning and observation
  • Level 1 & 2 skills
  • Busier roads
  • Complex turns, roads and junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Signal controlled junctions
  • Filtering
  • Using cycling facilities
  • Different types of cycle and their purpose
  • Keeping a bicycle roadworthy
  • Clothing for cycling
  • Relevant accessories


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