Learn new or improve your existing skills

Run by pro mechanics with years of experience in the bike industry

Fix punctures, chains, remove wheels and learn how to look after your bike


£75 per person

10am to 4pm

Beginner bicycle maintenance course 

Our team of mechanics are ready to impart their knowledge to help keep your wheels rolling.

The beginner maintenance course is for people who want to learn the skills to keep a bike roadworthy and make roadside repairs.

This is a practical session and you will be working in our fully equipped professional workshop with access to all the relevant tools and products needed to keep your bike running perfectly.  

Our mechanics are industry qualified with years of experience working on and riding bikes. The courses are very hands-on and using our range of Park Pro tools and workstands. This course includes:

  • Naming the parts - a full tour of the bike. Understanding the parts and components you’re working on makes a big difference as the course progresses.
  • Remove and replace wheel, tyre and tube – sounds simple but we’ll show you how to do this without creating more problems down the line.
  • Mend a puncture in an inner tube - we all get them! You’ll be removing wheels, tyres and tubes and looking at the best ways to fix a puncture, best practice and the tools you need to carry to be able to carry on riding.
  • Repair a snapped chain - use a rivet extractor to remove a broken chain link and re-join it with a master link as a snapped chain can scupper a ride and leave you stranded.
  • Cleaning the bike - the cleaner your bike the better it will work. You will learn how to clean your bike properly as well as de-greasing and lubricating the drive train. We will look at the best products and how to use them.

You’ll also pick up plenty of pro tips from our mechanics who are happy to answer your questions and offer advice.


Shortly before the course, we will give you a link to our homework page which contains some background info that you will find useful on the course. It also has a list of recommended tools that you need to keep your bike tip top.


Courses are available in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, all take place in our fully kitted out professional workshops using Park Tools and workstands.

Google map link and directions can be found by clicking here

Trainees work on the demonstration bikes provided. You can of course bring along your own bike.

We pace the learning to suit the groups’ ability. If you are unsure which course to book then please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

There's a maximum of 6 people per course.

For larger groups please call to make special arrangements.