Bicycle Maintenance Classes

Road race bike maintenance course

This is for drop-handlebar road bikes with cable operated rim or disc brakes and cable derailleur gears. This course includes:

  • Brake pads and blocks - you will learn how to diagnose brake wear and how to correctly replace your blocks or pads and adjust them, whether it’s a disc or caliper brake.
  • Replacing brake and gear cables - think of the bike's cabling as its arteries; if there’s a blockage or damage things won’t work well. You will learn the difference between inner and outer brake and gear cables, how to inspect them for wear as well as how to replace and lubricate them. 
  • Troubleshooting and adjusting rear gears - setting up and indexing a rear derailleur is something that everyone asks us about. No more watching YouTube videos to try and get this right, we’ll show you how the rear derailleur works and then break down the setup into easy to follow steps.
  • Troubleshooting  and adjusting front gears – taking the basic principles learned earlier on rear gears we’ll demonstrate how to apply the same technique to front derailleurs.

You’ll also pick up plenty of pro tips from our mechanics who are happy to answer your questions and offer advice. 


BikeRight Workshop Manchester

Dates & Times

Sat 05 Oct 2019, 9:30-16:30


£85.00 per head