Child Group Cycle Training - Level 1 & Level 2

Age Group: 9 years old and above

Duration: 8 hours (1.5 days).

Group Size: The children are taken out in groups of 8 (maximum) and are accompanied by two Nationally Accredited Instructors. 

Outcomes: The children cover National Standards Level 1 and 2 Training.

Location: Level 1 training is off road based. Level 2 training is on quiet roads which are risk assessed by an instructor prior to use.

Course Structure:  Initially Level 1 is covered. Level 2 allows the children to interact with real traffic, but sticking to quiet roads. By completing Level 2 children show they have the skills to make a trip safely on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school.

Day 1 - Level 1 Training is completed and re affirmed.  However if a children requires more practice with their basic skills instructors will advise parents on what needs to be practiced.

Day 2 - Level 2 on road training is completed.

N.B. - As the children will be out all day for Level 2 training please bring a packed lunch and drink.  Also dress appropriately for the weather on the day whether that be a waterproof coat or hopefully sun cream.


Stratford-upon-Avon School

Level 1 training will take place on the tennis courts at the rear of the school.

Dates & Times

Tue 30 Jul 2019, 14:00-16:00
Wed 31 Jul 2019, 9:30-15:30


£50.00 per head