Cycling activities and solutions for communities, business and individuals

At BikeRight! we have a commitment to make cycling viable, safer and better for everyone.

Our services include Cycle training, Bikeability, Bicycle maintenance courses, Cycle Instructor training courses, Cycle training for the emergency services, Mountain biking skills, Commuter cycling and Consultancy, Development and Advocacy.

Making cycling viable

Our portfolio of cycling development services enables the use of bicycles for every day journeys.

We enthuse individuals, communities and organisations through consultation, promotion, training, travel planning and the provision of quality bikes and equipment. 

We proactively assist partners, clients and customers to develop an active and sustainable approach to travel, aiming for long-term behaviour change.

Making cycling safer

We make cycling safer by providing the highest quality National Standard cycle training and Bikeability tuition to adults and children, highlighting the challenges faced by cyclists from other road users and giving riders the skill and knowledge to ride in a safe and responsible manner. 

Our Instructor Training services are of the highest quality and reflect over a decade of professional development working with a diverse range of public and private sector clients.

Making cycling better

Our cycle tuition develops technique and skill, making cycling journeys safer and more enjoyable both on and off-road. 

Our bicycle maintenance courses enhance the safety and efficiency of bicycles, provide people with practical skills and save them money. 

We advise on infrastructure, security and equipment choice, making life on two wheels more comfortable and convenient.