Warwickshire Bikeability School Holiday Courses

As part of the Warwickshire Bikeability contract, we will be running school holiday courses for children who live or go to school in Warwickshire. Children must have their own bikes to take part in the classes. The booking form will ask if you want to borrow a bike - this is because we have to use the same form for every course - bikes are not available to borrow for these courses.

For information on the different training levels please see the side panel.

To book Learn To Ride, Level 1 or Level 2 lessons, please complete the form below giving your details and you'll be taken for payment by card on line. We will contact you after the booking to get your child's details. If you want to arrange a Level 3 lesson, please contact Kirsti on 0121 726 3498 or info2@bikeright.co.uk. Level 3 lessons are 1:1 and arranged at a time to suit you.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0121 726 3498 and speak to Kirsti or Kim, or email info2@bikeright.co.uk

Learn To Ride - £50 for 3 two hour lessons
Level 2 - Improver - £50 for 2 days
Level 3 - Advanced - £50 for 1 two hour 1:1 lesson - please call or email to arrange

Courses are held at Stratford Upon Avon school and Warwick Racecourse. Level 3 lessons may be arranged elsewhere as they are 1:1 lessons. Children must have their own bike for the classes.

To book multiple children you will need to call us on 0121 726 3498 as our website/booking system does not allow more than one booking per person to prevent accidental double bookings.

Cycle tuition overview - what course is best for your child...

Learn to Ride

Do you consider your child to be a complete beginner?

Our sessions are run by experienced instructors who will guide your child step by step, from getting on and off your bike to making the bike go where you want, while continuously working on your balance so they can ride without stabilisers.

Level 1 for Novices

Has your child recently learnt how to ride a bike?

A Level 1 course is for those who can ride a bike but are not very confident about their cycling abilities. Level 1 course is delivered in a safe traffic free environment. Pick up the skills and knowledge you need to go down to the local park, or to take a trip out into the countryside. You may also one day wish to cycle to school; we can help you work towards this too.

Level 2 for Improvers

Do today's roads look like a no go area for you and your two wheels?

Level 2 will help you boost confidence, skills and cycling techniques for today’s traffic. This training is delivered on quiet roads with some traffic, where your child will learn about road safety, the highway code and national standards for cycling and have the opportunity to practice the theory of on road cycling.

Level 3 for Advanced riders

Level 3 is delivered as a 1-1, our instructor will show your child how to tackle busy roads and junctions with ease and confidence. They may have been cycling and using the roads for years but there is always something new to learn to hone your skills.
This level is only for children aged 11+. Lessons are arranged bespoke for you because this is 1:1.