Free driver training courses in Herefordshire

Herefordshire Council is funding Safe Urban Driver (SUD) courses for Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) and Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) drivers at employment sites in Herefordshire as well as 2WheelsAware courses for learner car drivers.

This programme aims to increase understanding by all drivers of the needs of vulnerable road users and how to share the road safely. 

These courses will be FREE on a first come first serve basis. Bookings can be made by either using the course selector below or calling the BikeRight! team on 0121 200 2266.

During the courses attendees will gain:

  • An understanding of who vulnerable road users are and how they interact with other traffic.
  • An understanding of hazards and risksand how to avoid them.
  • An understanding of the changingstreetscape and the urban environment.
  • An understanding of how to share theroad safely with all other road users, in particular cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Experience of what it is like to be riding a bicycle in an urban or rural environment.

Safe Urban Driving - LGV and PCV drivers

If you are an LGV or PCV driver in Herefordshire you can get free DriverCPC Safe Urban Driving courses. All courses are TfL/FORS approved and delivered by our JAUPT approved trainers. We have trained thousands of drivers on our SUD courses over the past few years from some of the UK's largest logistics and construction firms. Click here to to find out more about the course >

Learner driver?
Want to get your test fee funded?
Then get 2WheelsAware!

Learner car drivers in Herefordshire can get their test fee paid for by Herefordshire Council by signing up and attending a FREE* half day 2WheelsAware course.

Courses last for a half day and include a practical cycling session as well as a theory module including examples of actual case studies from experienced drivers of all vehicle types.

With young and new drivers making up a significant percentage of road traffic accidents this valuable course could save lives and save you money.

Click here to learn more about 2WheelsAware >

Terms and conditions - 2WheelsAware

Applicants must have:

  • Proof of Herefordshire residency, ie a utility bill with proof of address
  • Undertaken a minimum of 6 driving lessons
  • Current provisional driving licence

Herefordshire Council will

  • Reimburse applicants on completion of the  4-hour 2WheelsAware course and on proof of driving test payment or on presentation of receipt of test (pass or fail)
  • Maximum reimbursement of £62.00 (standard cost of weekday test)