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Give your active travel programmes some PEDL power!

More and more cycling investment is being made to support changes in travel behaviour, accommodating the increasing number of people who are choosing to travel by bicycle.  Whether it is for business or pleasure, cycling brings great reward and BikeRIght! have the support to help you grow your cycling ambitions so that you can experience some of those rewards too.

Our consultancy services are designed to build a cycling development plan from scratch or enhance existing plans that can link into organisational travel plans. One-off events are a great conversation starter, but long term planning with the right support is essential to create sustainable change.

Our skills are underpinned by over 10 years of experience and knowledge within the cycling industry. We know that in order to make a change in travel behaviour, support for cycling needs to be consistent, well planned, engaging, delivered to a high standard and fully evaluated against defined outcomes.


  • Audience and demographics – Our experience of delivering on the ground cycling initiatives for businesses means that we can develop a quick understanding what works to engage with your audience
  • Research - Compelling evidence is critical in making a business case for cycling development. We can help you through this process, drawing on our research experience for clients over several years
  • Resource planning and procurement – It’s not all about the bike! We will provide you with guidance on what ‘tools for the job’ you are likely to require for your project, and help you develop a robust procurement system that will complement your processes and procedures
  • Recruitment – We can help to build your team to achieve  the results your project needs using our experience in training individuals, and continuing their professional development across a variety of cycling projects
  • Processes and procedures - We can support you with the design of a systematic process plan, outlining the framework for your delivery plan


  • Partnerships – Engaging with partners and identifying collaborative goals
  • Stakeholders – Early consultation with key stakeholders will open up the communication channels that will benefit you throughout  your project. We provide stakeholder engagement planning during the early phase and can ‘host’ stakeholder progress meetings during the project
  • Demand and need – How will you find out if there is an actual need for your project deliverables? When will you explore that? We can advise you on how to assess the demand for your engagement activities, and how to complement seasonal changes with the right intervention to keep your target groups cycling.
  • Marketing communications – Getting the messages right and getting these out to the audience. We have been successfully utilising our skills and experience in promoting sustainable and active travel for over a decade using in-house and selected external agencies.
  • Media relations – We engage with journalists throughout many of our cycling projects, and get the best media coverage through them. Let us share our experience with you, to reap the benefits of getting journalists ‘on side’ with your project plan.


On the ground delivery is our main strengths.  We will mobilise your project with organisational and technical support, whilst putting resources in place to prepare for delivery of the highest standard. We monitor all aspects for quality assurance purposes so you know that every BikeRight! service is consistent, confident and professional.

  • Mobilisation and operational delivery - making sure everything and everyone is where they should be and when!
  • Resource management - ensuring that everyone who participates in a programme has all of the equipment required. Making sure that equipment such as loan bikes are the correct type and size, fully serviced and safety checked
  • Course development - adapting our courses or writing new ones to suit the needs of clients
  • Payment processing -  we have the systems in place to process payments securely via our our website
  • Quality control - our internal quality assurance is highly developed and underpinned by external assurance and verification from our accrediting bodies and trade association, offering complete peace of mind for customers


  • Identifying targets and KPIs – We will help you to create a clear manageable strategy for monitoring your project performance
  • Reporting - Advice on building data collection into the delivery of initiatives. Our robust online booking system also provides a very valuable reporting mechanism, collecting information based on your required criteria
  • Feedback methodology – Our online system will record qualitative data as well as quantitative, providing a platform to serve your evaluative needs
  • Evaluation – Independent and impartial analysis of your project conducted by our own in-house researchers or external experts from a University partner

Our experience

BikeRight! have previously provided consultancy services for:

  • Businesses
  • Education establishments
  • Local authorities
  • Transport planners
  • Transport authorities


  • Project management
  • Project delivery
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Branding and marketing
  • Bicycle fleet systems
  • Travel behaviour change events
  • Audit of cycling facilities provision
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation

Our team

Our team of experts consists of:

  • Operations managers
  • Cycling development professionals
  • Marketeers and researchers
  • Finance and administration staff
  • Training and development managers
  • A large and experienced instructor team
  • Qualified bike mechanics

All of these individuals are professional, passionate advocates of cycling from private and public sector backgrounds representing the most experienced cycling development team in our industry.

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