Portable skills loop and pump track

Aimed at would-be Steve Peats or Rachel Athertons (2 of the UK’s leading mountain bikers) the BikeRight! mountain bike skills loop and pump track challenges riders to complete a full circuit over a range of tricky obstacles without dabbing (touching the ground with your foot or any other part of your body!) and makes a great addition to any event, party, sports day or show.

Our skills loop obstacles are all portable and fit easily in to a van so we can set up the circuit in any suitable open space – a car park, sports hall, large garden, playing field or empty warehouse. Made from durable hardwood with non-slip surfaces the skills loop can be as easy or hard as needed and can quickly be altered to suit any requirements.

Here are some of the obstacles that are featured in our skills loop and pump track:

Box Ramp – this obstacle requires momentum and balance to ride up and over it – it’s a lot easier than it looks and will increase any riders confidence

Skinny ramp – a low, long and skinny ramp that riders must ride over – good balance and knowing where to look will keep the rider on track

Limbo Bar – the limbo bar is like any other limbo bar except we do it on bikes – how low can you go?

See-saw – this obstacle is the finale to the skills loop –keep up good momentum, balance and look ahead and you’ll soon master the upsand downs of the see-saw

Pump-track rollers – rollers are a series of bumps that allow the riders to “pump” through this section of track without pedaling –essentially learning to harness “free-speed”

Pump it

Our wooden pump track from Shoretrax is portable and can be built up in to a simple oval loop or a more challenging layout, with features that echo the challenges you’ll find out on mountain bike trails:

Roller - small humps or mounds, quite often the track will include a series of rollers

Berm - a banked corner or bend meaning you can lean and carry your speed through the corner

Table top – a flat-topped ‘box’ with ramps

Bridge  – a narrow bit of track, with a reducer section at the start and a reducer at the exit

Rumble – a section surfaced with half-logs to simulate riding over rocks and roots

Roll-off/drop-off – a raised step that you either roll down (like riding down a kerb) or, if it’s too high, drop off (landing on bothwheels at the same time)

Our skills loop is ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Corporate days
  • Events and fairs
  • Parties
  • Youth clubs
  • Uniformed organisations (Scouts, Guides etc)

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