This course will allow staff to:
    - understand how to adjust provision in a way which recognises strengths and responds to the needs of each individual learner.
     - appreciate that the concept of neurodiversity necessitates a redefinition of what is normal and a shift in thinking about how schools and organisations  respond to difference.
     - gain an insight into a broad spectrum of common learning and thinking differences covered by the term neurodiversity – particularly ADHD, ASC and Dyslexia
     - increase knowledge and understanding of ADHD, ASC and Dyslexia
     - understand the key characteristics of ADHD, ASC and Dyslexia and how it manifests in pupils
     - consider the effect ADHD, ASC and Dyslexia has on children and young people particularly on their learning
     - identify key strategies to support children and young people with ADHD, ASC and Dyslexia

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
ASC – Autistic Spectrum Condition


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Dates & Times

Thu 27 Jan 2022, 17:00-19:00


£20.00 per head (Subsidies available)

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